Local Attractions

Explore the picturesque Rzepnik and its surroundings.

Paintball & ArrowTag

A multi-zone paintball and arrow tag field.

3 Nature Reserves

Visit the nature reserve ``Prządki``, Chelm Mountain and the nature reserve ``Herby”

Nature trails

A wide variety of beautiful, nature and education trails.

Monuments and Museums

The region is full of significant cultural monuments.

Active Leisure


Arrow Tag

Rope Park

Canoe Trail

Parachute Jumping

Nature Reserves


Chełm Mountain


Nature and Education Trails

To the “Three Waters Waterfall”

By the “Kamieniec Castle”

“Prządki – Kamieniec Castle”

“In the footsteps of the Záborskýs

“Chelm Mountain- Shelters-Herby”

“Czarnorzeki ( parking ) – Sucha Mountain”

“Around Kamieniec and Prządki”

Monuments, Museums

“Kamieniec” Castle

Craft Brewery

Complex of Railway Shelters

Museum of Oil and Gas Industry

Glass Heritage Centre in Krosno

Maria Konopnicka Museum in Żarnowiec

Ski Slopes

Czarnorzeki – 16km

Strzyżów – 16km

Gogołów – 21km

Romantic nights in the RzepniGaj

w RzepnimGaju